Zink Powder + Microfertilizer - Normal Grade (For Soil Application)

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Generic Name: Mix Micronutrient Fertilizer
Type: Microfertilizer
Grade: No: 5 ( Normal )
Organic Nutrients:
Iron AS (Fe): 2% ; Manganese AS (Mn): 0.5% ; Zinc AS (Zn): 5.0 ; Copper AS (Cu): 0.2% ; Boron AS (B): 0.5%

Shelf Life: 3 Years
Country of Origin : India

Use / Application: Soil Application

  • Can be used in Agriculture ( farming ), greenhouse, Farmhouse, Fruit orchards, Lawns, Garden plants, Pots and plants, Vegetable kitchen ,gardening,Hanging pots, Nursery plant propagation/grafting/plant production, Terrace garden, Horticulture.
  • Multi-nutrient mixtures which can provide essential nutrients in required proportions constitute the innovative products.
  • The deficiency of major and minor nutrients in the soil has been identified as a key reason for the decline in in crop productivity. Soil quality evaluation has indicated that the soil is deficient not only in major soil nutrients, but even in secondary and micro nutrients such as boron, zinc and copper. Calcium, Magnesium and sulfur are other components.

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