Sourcing from India

We can help you finding right product at right price from India.

Our company Infinator Pvt Ltd is a Ahmedabad, India based company that specialises in sourcing and exporting from India. Our services are designed to help companies that are seeking suppliers from whom to import quality products at a competitive price.

We inspect all the goods before dispatch from India and organise delivery to your door. As part of the service, we advise on import duty, freight options (sea or air freight) and the payment process.

With our expertise and experience, we are uniquely placed to support companies looking to import goods from India. 

How It Works ?

  1. Getting to know your requirements
    We will talk to you and get a clear idea of your requirements. 
  2. Starting the process
    Our team of buyers will research, identify, and visit the best supplier. 
  3. Essential Questions
    We'll discuss quality requirements and pricing with the approved supplier.
  4. Samples
    Samples will be produced and sent to you. 
  5. Quality Control
    After you have approved the samples and placed the order, we will be in communication with a supplier until your order is ready, once it is ready we will check the quality/quantity of the products. We will then supervise the shipment.
  6. Transportation
    We will arrange the best-value freight with duty and taxes paid.
  7. Going Forwards
    We will manage the ongoing relationship and even accompany you to India should you wish to visit the supplier.


Find Supplier/ Manufacturer

We help our customers find the right product at the right price. Over the years we have developed a wide network of manufacturers, who are well experience in their industry segment.

Product/ Part Development

Weather you want to outsource a part manufacturing or a complete private label product, Our experienced team can help you arrange it.

Sourcing For ECommerce

For E-Commerce Sellers ( like Amazon FBA ), We supply products directly to Warehouse with required labeling and packaging of the products. Our team have 7 years of experience sending inventory to FBA Warehouse thorough different modes of transportation.

Why Us ?

Embarking on international trade journeys often comes with challenges, and as your dedicated sourcing partner, we're here to help you overcome these obstacles and provide excellent service. Here's why choosing us as your sourcing agent is the strategic advantage your business needs:

Breaking Language Barriers:

Communication in a foreign market can be tough. But with us as your local representative and partner, we make sure language differences don't get in the way. We help you talk seamlessly with your suppliers, bridging the language gap for effective communication.

Staying Connected:

Building relationships with manufacturers requires continuous communication. Our team isn't just a contact point; we're your dedicated partners committed to keeping an eye on every deal. Our established relationships ensure that your communication channels are always open and responsive.

Checking Supplier Credibility:

Evaluating suppliers from a distance can be tough. We know personal visits and careful business reviews are necessary. Rely on us to find the right suppliers, making sure they're transparent, reliable, and credible.

Discovering Hidden Manufacturers:

Not all great manufacturers are easy to find online. Some might not have a strong online presence. Leveraging our network and market knowledge, we locate potential local manufacturers not prominently featured online. This lets us source top-notch products at the best prices, giving you access to the best options.

Navigating Service Providers:

Beyond manufacturers, choosing the right services like testing and logistics can be overwhelming. Picking the right service provider is crucial. With our experienced team, you gain a valuable advantage in finding and partnering with the right service providers, making your sourcing process smoother.

Simplifying Export Documentation:

Export paperwork can be a headache. We understand the ins and outs, ensuring your shipments meet all the rules and regulations for a smooth export process.

Choose us as your sourcing agent, and open up a world of opportunities without barriers. With our dedicated team, local expertise, and commitment to excellence, we ensure your global sourcing experience is not just successful but exceeds your expectations.


To arrange a no-strings discussion or meeting and find out more about how we could assist you, please contact us, we would be happy to discuss it further.

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