Sealing Foil Wad Plain for HDPE, Pet and Glass Bottle

Infinator Pvt LtdSKU: N523X100

Wad Type: Glass Bottle Wad
Size: 36.8 mm
Quantity: 100 pcs
Sale price$6.00


Product Name: Sealing Foil Wad
Country of Origin: India

  • Application: Induction sealing wad ensures leakproof for Cosmetics Caps, beverage, pharmaceutical CAPS, and Lubricating oil, and also suitable for HDPE, Pet, & PP Containers and glass bottle and Jar.
  • The induction Seal for HDPE Bottles is used for a simple and reliable method of bottle sealing. It welds an aluminum foil seal across the bottleneck to prevent product leakage. These induction seals are manufactured using high-grade material.
  • These induction seals and wads for HDPE bottles are designed in compliance with industrial standards to ensure high quality. These seals improve product shelf life due to the excellent barrier properties of the foil.
  • Note: Required induction sealer machine to seal this Foil Wad

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