Nagarmotha Powder

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Nagarmotha is commonly known as “Nut grass”. It has a characteristic fragrance and is generally used in culinary spices, perfumes and to make incense sticks.
Other Name: Cyperus rotundus, Nut Grass, Mustak, Motha, Nagaramattea, Nagaretho, Chakranksha, Charukesara, Saad kufi

Nagarmotha oil also protects against various bacterial and fungal infections due to its antimicrobial property. It is generally recommended to use Nagarmotha oil or powder with coconut oil or rose water on the skin if you have hypersensitive skin. Regular use of the nagarmotha oil improves hair texture, adds shine, and stimulates hair growth. By effectively alleviating stress, it also prevents hair fall and premature greying of hair. It is chiefly known as Nutgrass, Nutsedge, Java grass, Coco grass, Red nutsedge, and Purple nutsedge in English, Mustak, Nagarmotha, and Motha in Hindi, Mutha, Musta in Bengali, Muthakach in Tamil, Tunga Mustalu in Telugu, Muthanga in Malayalam, Tunge gadde in Kannada, Moth, Nagarmoth in Gujarati, Moth, Nagarmoth, Motha, Bimbal in Marathi, and Mutha, Motha in Punjabi. The Siddha medicines know this plant as Koraikkizhangu whereas Unani knows it by Naagarmothaa, Saad-e-Kufi.

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