Brown Craft Paper Stand Up Zipper Pouch with Oval Window

Infinator Pvt LtdSKU: N4675X25

Color: Brown
Size: 250 gm
Quantity: 25 Pcs
Sale price$10.00


Material: Brown Craft Paper / Natural Poly
Grade: Food Grade
Available Color/s:  Brown

Size / Dimensions Chart: 

Size Name Dimensions in Inch Dimensions in mm
 100 gm W 4.75" X H 8.0"
1.5" + 1.5" BG 
W 120 X H 200
40 + 40 BG
 150 gm W 5.5" X H 8.5"
1.5" + 1.5" BG 
W 140 X H 220
40 + 40 BG
 250 gm W 6.25" X H 9.00"
1.75" + 1.75" BG 
W 160 X H 230
45 + 45 BG
 500 gm W 7.5" X H 10.0"
2.25" + 2.25" BG 
W 190 X H 260
60 + 60 BG
 1 kg W 9" X H 14.0"
2.5" + 2.5" BG 
W 230 X H 355
65 + 65 BG



  • AIRTIGHT & HEAVY DUTY: Our bags are thick with high-quality zippers, which provide air-tight closure to keep your product fresh. You can also seal the top of the bags with a heat sealer or flat iron to give your products a commercial look and feel.
  • GREASEPROOF & WATERPROOF: Our bags are laminated with a food-grade inner, which protects the food from moisture and odor, making the bags fit for long-time food preservation.


  • DIY & PARTY FAVORS: Our stand-up Kraft Paper Bags are great for storing oats, candies, herbs, spices, coffee, dried fruits, beans, baked goods, granola, tea, green tea, and the list goes on. You can even use our bags for bath salts, dry face masks, and homemade soaps.

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Customer Reviews

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Rohan Verma
Great product!

Please offer some customisations as well


Brown Craft Paper Stand Up Zipper Pouch with Oval Window

Nani Ana

I still haven't received the items.Althoigh its been so long!

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