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Product Name: Brahmi Leaves Powder
Other Name: Bacopa monnieri, Centella asiatica, gotu kola.
Speciality: It does not contain any harmful chemicals or harsh preservatives like parabens or sulphates.
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Country of Origin : India
Manufacturer :Infinator Pvt Ltd

  • Organic Brahmi Powder promotes healthy brain functioning, supports mental clarity, focus, cognitive capability, etc. It is also good for inner skin that lines the digestive tract, which supports the functions of healthy microbes.
  • It strengthens hair, adds shine to them, reduces dandruff, removes itchiness from the scalp, conditions hair, cleanses excess oil production from the scalp, naturally brings lustrous sheen and smoothness to hair and strengthens the hair follicles.
  • Bacopa (Brahmi) is often used to support meditation as it promotes the clarity and subtlety of mind. Bacopa helps to improve the quality of sadhana pitta (which is closely related to the intellect and intelligence) and, as tonics for the mind.
  • Brahmi Powder as a Food: Can be taken with Hot or Cold Water. However, Experts recommend to take it with Ghee or Milk, Whichever is suitable.

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