Bhringraj Powder

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Product Name: Bhringraj Powder
Speciality: It does not contain any harmful chemicals or harsh preservatives like parabens or sulphates.
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Country of Origin : India
Manufacturer :Infinator Pvt Ltd

Other Name: Eclipta alba, Eclipta prostrata commonly known as bhringoraj, Bhangra, Bhangaraiya, Garagada soppu, Garga, Guntagal agaraku, galgara, kayanthakarra, kaikeshi, maka, Bhangaro, Krsuriya, Jala Bhangara, Tekaraja, Kadimulambit false daisy, yerba de tago, Karisalankanni.

  • Bhringraj Powder is one of the most effective herbs against hair loss.
  • As per Indian Ayurveda, regular use of Bhringraj helps with improved hair texture and supports hair growth.
  • Bhringraj also is known as False Daisy is known to help in issues related to premature greying of hair / Nourishes and improves the hair.
  • Promotes natural hair color and luster*
  • Promotes healthy skin, bones, teeth, sight, hearing, and memory
  • Supports proper function of the liver and lungs*

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Udayan Neelamana

Bhringraj Powder

Rekha patwal
Go for herbal

If u r on a hair care journey, this is a product u all need, u will never ever get disappoint again.

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