Nataraj Mini Cutter

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Product Name: Nataraj Mini Cutter
Contents: 10 hanger packs of Nataraj Mini Multicolor Cutter and each hanger pack of 10 pcs of Multicolor Cutter.
Country of Origin: India
Manufacturer: Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd
  • Made up of tough steel for precision cutting.
  • Blades with anti-rust coating for longer life.
  • Anti-lock device stops the blade from retracting.
  • Blade Sections Snap-Off Providing the User with Fresh Sharp Cutting Points.
  • One Blade is Included Sharp Blade. To Refresh the Blade Simply Snap Off the Point to Reveal a Fresh One. No Tools Required.
  • Metal and High Impact Polymer Construction for Durability.
  • Used for Cutting Thick Paper, Balsa Wood, Cardboard, Fabric, Mat Board, etc.
  • New Locking System In Cutter Use Safely.

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