Vanyasu Electric Turtle Kapoor Dani (Incense Burner)

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  • Vanyasu Turtle Kapoor Dani is an electric incense burner made of Heavy-duty durable materials.
  • A small Quantity of Camphor goes long way. Its Periodic Heating Technology helps for longer camphor evaporation. It takes around 1.5 to 2 hours until one plate full of camphor evaporates completely.
  • Slow evaporation, long-lasting diffusion.
  • Ideal for Home and Office, Incense burning.
  • Made in India.

Also known as Kapoor Dani, Bakhoor Dani, Incense Burner, Camphor Burner, Aroma Diffuser

Vanyasu Turtle Electric Kapoor Dani / Camphor Burner is made of heavy-duty durable materials. It is used for burning incense, Kapoor, Dhoop, etc. Electric burner saves your time in burning charcoal and also produces less smoke. Insert the plug into the socket and switch on the button for few minutes and put some Kapoor, or dhoop, or incense on the top plate and enjoy. Fill your home full of wonderful fragrances.

Operating Voltage: AC 220 V - 240 V and Wattage: 5 W

Ideal device for Home Pooja, Temple, Pilgrimage, Meditation, Wedding, Diwali, Navarathri Celebrations. Good Mosquito Repellent, and Natural Room Freshener when used with Kapoor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gokula BV
Nice cute one

Quality is very good

Great product, must buy!

This kapoor dani is really effective in getting rid of mosquitos and insects as well as keeps the environment light and fresh specially in this monsoon season. Such a great product

Sarade Maheswari Jena
Very nice

This is a very good comphor dani which performs as expected. Quite happy with this purchase.

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